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Gerber Crux

Gerber Crux

It’s hard to believe that Gerber now produce over 80 separate multi-tools and all with specific features that make them desirable to some, yet of little use to others. Their new Crux however is one that firmly falls in the ‘of use to many’ category being of medium size, strong yet stylish and more importantly easy to use. Plus it contains the major tools required for most shooting oriented needs.

The Crux is a butterfly opener with black and silver, anodised, aluminium handles and measures four inches stowed and six when deployed. On opening you immediately have access to a pair of needle-nose pliers, wire cutters/strippers. I feel it worth noting that they are sprung, which is a major asset as the jaws open automatically, which is one less piece of hassle to have to contend with…

Closed Access

Tool functions consist of the following:  can opener, small and medium flathead and Phillips screwdrivers, scissors, 1 ¾” serrated edge knife, same size wood saw, plain fine edge 1 ¾” knife blade and a lanyard ring. All these are on the inside of the handles, so the tool has to be open to deploy them then shut again to use.

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All the tool functions lock securely in place by the familiar Saf.T.Plus™ locking system. This serrated edge, slide operating catch is ideally positioned on the outer edge of both sides of the handles. It’s on using the Crux as pliers or with a tool deployed that you fully come to realise this is one of the most comfortable to hold and very light in weight considering the amount of features it packs.

The amount and solid build of the tools is a praiseworthy feature of the design, and the Crux is capable of comfortably holding these due to it being ¾” wide. This certainly helps when holding and using it, as the outer geometry of the handles offers a solid and assured grip.

Finished in black and silver, this is a tool that is both pleasing to look at, yet a strong and practical design any hunter could make use of. It comes with its own ballistic nylon sheath and Gerber’s limited lifetime warranty.

To sum up I’d say that of all the compact multi-tools I’ve tested recently, the Crux is by far the most useful to the general hunter from the huge selection on Gerber’s roster.

The Gerber Crux costs £44.95 and is available from most Gerber stockists

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