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Leatherman Charge TTi Plus

Leatherman Charge TTi Plus

Leatherman have recently refined and even more recently revamped their range of multi-tools. In fact, soon there’ll be a whole breed of new-age multis to feed our need but as it stands the Charge TTi Plus here featured can still be viewed as their flagship model. Read on…

Size matters

Measuring 4-inches in the closed position, and only just pushing the tape to 6¼-inches when opened to access the plier heads it weighs in at a relatively lightweight 8.2oz. The package includes a quite comprehensive ‘bit kit’ (much more on this later), a detachable stainless-steel pocket clip and quick release lanyard ring – all of which fit neatly into the heavy-duty Nylon pouch also supplied.

When closed you have access to a S30V 2.9-inch clip-point fine edge blade, diamond coated wood/metal file, aggressive toothed wood saw and a 420HC serrated edge knife with gut hook. Both knife blades have elongated thumbholes for one-handed opening, while the file and saw have lugs. All four mentioned lock out very securely due them having very strong individual lock liner mechanisms

Open up

When this butterfly opener is opened you have access to the very strong needlenose pliers, regular pliers, premium replaceable wire cutters, premium replaceable hard-wire cutters, wire stripper and crimper.

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From the inner sections of the handles you can now deploy the spring-action scissors, bottle/can opener, large bit driver, small bit driver and a medium flat head screwdriver. All are easily deployed using thumb nicks or small lugs. Again, as with its close relative the Charge+, the scissors are an especially nice addition as they’re very easy to operate and due to the sensible size have quite a lengthy and very useful cutting edge.

Incidentally, to unlock any of these tools when deployed you simply press in the grooved portion of the lock system (located opposite and at the pivot end of the handle) then the ‘tool’ can easily be returned back into the chassis.

Bits ‘n’ pieces

We can now take a closer look at the large bit driver and the eight double head bit kit that comes supplied with the tool. Individual bits are fitted and exchanged by simply pulling the bit straight out from the bit driver head. This needs a bit of a yank but not so much a bit would get irretrievably ‘stuck’ in the head. To replace a tool bit, press in the one chosen firmly into the bit driver until the driver’s spring action locking bar engages the groove on the side of the tool bit. When not in use the bits are held in a flat ABS card holder which slips easily into the Nylon Sheath even when fully loaded and the multi itself is in place.

The kit comprises of a Square driver #1 & #2, Eyeglass screwdriver, Hex 5/32-inches & 9/64-inches, Hex 1/8-inches & 7/64-inches, Hex 3/32-inches & 5/64-inches, Hex 1/16-inches & .050-inches, Phillips #1-2 & 3/16-inches Screwdriver plus a 1/8-inches & Torx #15 Screwdriver.


The Leatherman Charge TTi Plus is obviously very well manufactured using only premium materials and is made even more workmanlike and stylish due to the titanium handle scales. Yet another major ‘plus’ point is due to the fact the handles are quite slim considering the tools held and of course having well rounded edges makes the tool feel very comfortable in the hold.

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  • Name: Leatherman Charge TTi Plus Multi-Tool
  • RRP: £229.95
  • Contact: Whitby & Co: Whitbyandco.co.uk