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Leatherman Skeletool

Leatherman Skeletool

When Leatherman first launched the original Skeletool (MT) Multi-Tool it caused quite a stir due to it being what I often referred to as a ‘minimalisticmulti.’ Not only is this due to its compact dimensions but the frugal, yet practical tools it contained. However, the original design has had a makeover and revamp to encompass a selection of both multi-tool options and even complementary looking format design lock liner knives. However, the Skeletool platform for both has an ethos of minimal weight, compact size without sacrificing strength or practicality.

Multiple choice

In the MTs you have models with either a straight edge or straight/ part serrated combo blade plus different finishes to either handle or blade, but otherwise they all hold the same tools. Another key feature is both multi-tool and knives all use a clip point blade with the exact same profile and design. Indeed, the choice of models is quite varied so to showcase what’s available. I’ve cherry picked through the range and chosen a model of each.

Compact & bijou

First up is the aluminium and stainless-steel Leatherman Skeletool CX Black DLC that measures 4-inches long in the closed position and weighs 5oz.

The handles are treated to a Tungsten DLC scratch-resistant coating with carbon fibre scale detailing. When opened you have access to needlenose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters and hard wire cutters. In the open position one side of the handle curves away affording a very comfortable hold. On the lower part of this handle is a carabiner clip behind which is a bottle opener. A bit driver in the end of one of the handles comes with a removable doublesided Philips #1 & #2 bit, while a double sided 3/16-inches and ¼-inches flat head bit is held in the frame of the unit.

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The one-handed opening 154CM 2.6-inch stainless steel fine edge clip point knife blade uses a very solid and secure lock liner mech for securing in the deployed position, plus it has a removeable pocket clip.

Complementary blades

Leatherman offer two types of complementary knives, those being the Skeletool KBx and KB Lock Knife. The difference between models being the KBx features a straight/serrated edge combo blade while the KB has a straight edge blade. Otherwise all dimension and specifications are the same for all.

There are currently 5-models of KBx and only one KB – the difference in models again being similar to the multi-tools in that the handles and or blade have a different finish. To be exact, the KB is only available as a DLC model while the other is available in Silver, Sublime Green (as shown) Black & Silver, Coyote & Black and Denim Blue.

More than a pair of lightweights

All models measure 3.45-inches closed, hold a 2.6-inch 420HC knife blade and weigh a mere 1.3oz. Weight reduction is achieved by removing metal from both handle and blade which is seen as different sized holes drilled in both. This is done without sacrificing blade or handle integrity. The knife even has an elongated thumbhole for one-handed operation and there is a removable pocket clip that features an integral bottle opener. Conclusion being a UK legal carry knife the blade does not lock, but it does have a satisfying snap when it opens fully. I tend to carry my pocketknives in slips, so I was very happy that Walther furnishes the owner with a carry slip as well as the pocket clip.

With the obvious quality on show the price is surprising: £99.95 for the Walther Gentleman’s Folder. All in all, it is a real classy gentleman’s knife at a price that’s hard to beat.

Thanks to Richard and Bruce at Heinnie Haynes for help in production of this article.

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  • Name: Leatherman Skeletool CX Black with DLC and Skeletool KBx knife
  • RRP: £129.95 including Nylon Pouch and £39.95 respectively
  • Contact: Whitby & Co.: whitbyandco.co.uk