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Leatherman Style PS

Leatherman Style PS

The other way to carry a multi-tool in the UK legally, other than trying to find one with a shorter than 75mm non-locking blade, is to have one with no knife blade at all. The Leatherman Style PS is made to be a really useful pocket tool for every day carry but also be perfectly acceptable to carry anywhere, even on US airlines. If you have very limited carry options, i.e. not much pocket space, then the super small Style could be the multi-tool you are looking for. It’s just 76mm long, 21mm wide and 11mm thick when closed up. Open up the pliers and it’s still only 120mm long.

LEATHERMAN is etched into both of the side panels. When you open out the pliers they have the semi needle nose ends, the wire cutter throat and the middle sharp jaws for really getting hold of stuff. Being so small, the pliers are spring assisted, i.e. they stay open slightly to make them useable one handed.

Very noticeable at one end is the carabiner, which also doubles as a bottle opener, it allows the Style to be attached to a key chain or belt, great to keep track of such a small tool. There is also a 4mm hole on the top corner of the carabiner end to fit a lanyard or split ring, again giving options to attach the tool to stuff and things. The bottle opener does work by the way.

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When it’s closed, the other tools come into play. A pair of springloaded scissors fold out from the side, these have 15mm long cutting edges and are worked by the thumb when holding the tool, they are sharp and cut very well. There is a black, glass-filled synthetic scale; housed in this is a pair of steel tweezers, great for getting splinters out of skin.

The final tool folds out from under the scale, a nail file, the end of which is made into a tip, which can be used on Philips screws or small flat-headed screws. Carry this and you will be able to undertake a lot of tasks, even when travelling.

It’s a well-designed and made tool, from a firm with a long history in the multi-tool world. It doesn’t have a blade but that is what makes it travel and carry proof and the scissors are still good enough to cut paper, plastic tags, finger nails etc., etc. Anyone looking for a quality pocket tool, but who doesn’t want to carry a blade, then the Style PS fits the bill.

Many thanks again to Bruce and Richard at HH.

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  • Name: Leatherman Style PS
  • Type: Pocket multi-tool
  • Locking blade: No
  • UK legal carry: Yes
  • Overall length: 120mm
  • Overall length closed: 76mm
  • Weight: 0.045kg
  • Blade material: 420 HC stainless steel
  • Features: Pliers, wire cutter, Philips/small flat blade screw driver, scissors, bottle opener, tweezers and nail file.
  • Handle material: GRN
  • Price: RRP £36.95
  • Contact: Hennie Haynes www.heinnie.com


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