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Leatherman Wave+

Leatherman Wave+

In 1998, the Leatherman company introduced the original Wave multi tool and it has been their biggest seller ever since.

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Leatherman have recently given the Wave a make-over and introduced the Wave+. This new version has replaceable wire cutter blades, held in place with Torx screws, and the tool is so well-engineered that the pressure applied when cutting is transferred through the body of the pliers, rather than through the screws which hold them in place, which makes for a very strong design.

The replacement wire cutter kit includes new blades, new screws and a Torx #8 tool. To change the blades, you back out the screws, lift out the blades, slot in the new ones and replace the screws. Do this one blade at a time, as they are handed and doing it one at a time helps avoid getting them mixed up.

With the facility to extend the life of the only element that seems to wear out, the Wave+ is an excellent tool and is well worth taking wherever you can, law permitting of course!

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  • Name: Leatherman Wave+
  • Price: £134.95 Replacement wire cutters kit: £12.95
  • Contact: Whitby & Co. www.whitbyandco.co.uk