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Winframe Multitool

Winframe Multitool

Multitools are incredibly useful items to have on hand, as they contain all sorts of useful tools in one handy package, where they are easily deployed as required. The only downside to the majority of these handy gadgets is the fact that they usually have locking blades and, due to our rather strange knife laws, fixed blades are seen as something dangerous and sinister, making them illegal to carry! However, the fact that the lock is simply there to make the blade safer while in use is lost on law-makers! We are then in a position where the vast-majority of these tools cannot be carried daily, which is a real shame. We must obey the law, however, even if we think it’s illogical. That’s where the Winchester Winframe scores highly, as the two blades that is contains are under 3-inches long and do not lock.

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This slender, everyday multi-tool is made from durable stainless steel and has a variety of useful tools housed within the handles of the pliers that can be accessed without opening the pliers themselves. The un-sprung, needle nosed pliers are employed by opening them out and they have part flat, part serrated jaws, with strong wire cutters at the base.

The skeletonised handles are made from anodised aluminum with a textured surface that offers a non-slip grip when applying force with the pliers. The tools that are included are: 2-inch plain-edge knife, 2-inch serrated knife, can/bottle opener, file, ruler, (one on each side of the same tool) an awl, two flathead screwdrivers and a Phillips style. A black nylon belt sheath carries the main tool and in the front pocket there is a rubber ‘bit carrier’ that houses a selection of flat and cross-head bits, as well as a couple of Allen bits. These tools are used by first fitting the magnetic adaptor onto the end of the square-sectioned Phillips screwdriver and then slotting in the required bit. I’ve used these handy added extras when securing telescopic sights and fixing things when out on my motorbike. It really is a toolkit on your belt, and I can see it being very popular, especially as it can be carried every day, although there are obviously situations where you wouldn’t want to be carrying any form of blade, so discretion Is advised. The Winframe costs £29.95 and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

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