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Jack Pyke Bib and Brace Trousers and Hunter Jacket

Jack Pyke Bib and Brace Trousers and Hunter Jacket

If, like me, you still like to get out and about even if the weather’s dreadful (pesky foxes don’t shoot themselves you know!) you’ll appreciate that decent, warm and waterproof clothing is a must. Jack Pyke of England has come up with the goods yet again, with their bib and brace style trousers. They look a bit like chest waders and the thing that I really like about them is that there’s not the dreaded gap between your trousers and upper garments when you move about or bend over. Made from ‘Stealth Fabric’, which is breathable, waterproof and silent, they are insulated with 120gms Thermalite and the ones I had on test were Jack Pyke’s ‘English Oak’ camo. These elongated trousers come all the way up your chest and are held up by adjustable, elasticated braces.

The fit can be adjusted via sprung toggles and elastic. The trousers have two deep, zip-up pockets, ideal for securely storing loose change, car keys etc. The leg bottoms are elasticated and there are also zips up to the knee to make getting them on really easy and they didn’t ride up at all. There are also press-stud adjusters for a snug fit around boots.

Jacket in!

The matching Hunters Jacket was an impressive garment as well and was also supplied, along with a matching baseball cap, in English Oak Camo. I could therefore blend in well into some ancient woodland. The jacket is also well insulated and once it was zipped and buttoned up, I was very warm! There are two main bellows pockets on the front that also have flaps with elasticated shotgun cartridge carriers built in; each one holds five rounds, which is a handy feature but don’t forget to remove them when you’ve finished shooting!

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There are two button down hand warmer pockets with a small press stud fastened strap to keep your keys safe but there aren’t any internal pockets, which I think is an oversight personally. There’s even a fold down waterproof seat concealed in the rear of the jacket, ideal for keeping the piles at bay! A removable lightweight hood is stored in the collar, so combined with the baseball cap, it’s a very waterproof outfit. Worn together they’re really comfortable and I was warm as toast on several foxing outings up the local farm. Even an extended zeroing session, whilst laying on the cold damp ground, didn’t prove to be in any way uncomfortable and I was fine all evening; in fact, I did have to open the jacket a few times whilst tramping about looking for foxes, as I was a bit too warm.

The Jack Pyke Bib and Brace Trousers are a perfect companion to the Hunters Jacket and I can see them keeping me very warm over the coming winter and are highly recommended.

Prices run: Bib and Brace Trousers £71.95; Hunters Jacket £84.95; Baseball Cap £8.95. Available in sizes S-XXXL and colours English Oak Camo and Hunters Green.


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  • Jack Pyke Bib and Brace Trousers and Hunter Jacket - image {image:count}

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