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Direct Action Trousers

Direct Action Trousers

When creating Direct Action gear every detail is rigorously thoughtout using a systemic perspective, and there are no random choices, no compromises, no ‘sameold- stuff’ design approach, no shying away from new technology; all items are based on first-hand, real world experience of elite special operations units.

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Whilst not cheap at €179, the VANGUARD pants are absolutely top-notch! Made of NYCO fabric with Cordura 500D reinforcements on the knees, these trousers will serve you well in any shooting or training situation. Numerous pockets, including classic hip pockets, zippered front pockets and hook & loop closed pockets on thighs will allow you to carry all your necessities safely and securely, whilst keeping them 100% accessible at all times; the hook & loop pockets can be even be used as improvised dump pouches should the need arise! There are also hook & loop flaps on the lower leg cuffs and behind the knees which allow you to adjust the pants exactly as you like them, and to provide even more freedom of movement the pants feature numerous gussets made of 4-way elastic softshell fabric.

It’s incredibly exciting to watch a brand grow from the ground up, and from humble beginnings Direct Action have grown in the very best way possible, enlarging their offering sensibly to now include comfortable and durable clothing, and moving things on when new ideas or technologies become available right across their range.

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  • Name: Direct Action VANGUARD pants
  • RRP: €179.00
  • Contact: eu.directactiongear.com