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Danner Pronghorn Boots

Danner Pronghorn Boots

Danner are one of the top and most recognisable names in footwear in the USA. When I was younger getting a set of their hi-legs was comparable to buying a top end scope, as you had ‘arrived’. So when I was asked if I wanted to test their latest Pronghorn GTX I was more than happy to agree.


Back when I was Mr Camo, now I’m more Mr Green, I thought nothing of camo boots, but I have grown out of the habit. So on opening the box I was surprised to see that these GTX’s came with Mossy Oak Break-up panels. A far cry from the earlier, brown, all-leather Pronghorns I owned years ago. However, old and new they are amongst some of the most comfortable I have ever used!

Danner have introduced some key changes while keeping elements of the classic design. The new rubber Tech-Tuff toe and heel caps offer added protection from rocks and similar. The lacing system has been simplified and a more aggressive outsole has been engineered to offer more security and agility. For me they are just a tad low at 6” high though are light enough at 1lb 15oz each and as I said very comfortable. There is also an 8” model, which would be my choice. The tongue is well padded and 3⁄4-stitched in, though I found the cuff a little stiff initially!

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The upper build is a composite of durable full-grain leather and tough, breathable 1000 denier nylon, counterpointed by the black rubber of the toe and heel protectors. The look goes for a rich brown on the leather, which contrasts pleasingly with the camo MOBU panels on the nylon. I have to say I love the new speed lacing system! Here Danner offers five, fixed ring eyelets in the lower section and two L-shaped speed hooks up top. I have never been able to get into and tighten up a set of boots so quickly and easily!

Inside we have the usual, hi-tech approach, which is essential for a successful field boot. There’s a 100% waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX liner, engineered to keep your feet dr y and comfor table in all conditions. A TERRA FORCE X platform provides lightweight, durable traction, heel-to-toe energy transfer and side suppor t to enhance manoeuvrability and protection from arch over work and fatigue. The Fatigue Fighter foot beds are removable and well padded so adding more support and also serve to keep your foot in position better.


The soles, well Danner calls them Mountain Goat TF and says the design was inspired by this animal hoof shape; sounds good! I say the pattern is very open and a bit shallow; it grips well but can fill up all too quickly certainly with denser material like clay. Not my choice for a full-on winter sole but for the majority of weather we get in the UK good enough. The Pronghorns are light on the feet and flexible without sacrificing rigidity when required. They work well in cold temperatures and keep the foot comfortable when it’s warmer too. Sizes run from 7 to 16 and are available in two widths D and EE, say what you like about the Americans but they know how to size clothing and footwear for all sor ts!

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