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Pro Logic PolarZone+ Boot

For outdoorsmen who require sturdy boots to tackle tough terrains and turbulent weather conditions, Realtree partner Prologic has produced the durable Polar Zone+ Boots in Max-5 camouflage. Made from full-grain Nubuck material and 100% polyester, the boots provide full protection against the elements. The Hydroguard membrane allows breathability for the active outdoorsman whilst deterring water and dirt.

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Ensuring warmth and comfort in the great outdoors, Prologic’s Polar Zone+ Boots contain a thick Thinsulate lining for intelligent insulation. The sole of the boot has a wide-spaced sole construction for sturdiness and multi-grip for varied terrains. The front of the boot has been constructed with strong reinforcement so toes are fully protected. Fastened with a quick-pull lacing system, the boots provide a great fit.

Imprinted with Realtree Max-5, the effective camo pattern made up of reeds, canes and grass blends into the outdoors.

Polar Zone+ Boots are available in EU sizes 41-47 and UK sizes 7-12, visit www.prologicfishing.com for more.

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