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AKU Pilgrim Boots

AKU Pilgrim Boots

I’ve been wearing AKU boots for some considerable time now, first the excellent ‘SEAL’ boot and then the more robust and fully waterproof ‘Pilgrim’ that’s wowed technical users since its inception. Of course, technology moves on (if you’ll pardon the pun!) apace, and I’ve recently received the very latest models to test. The Pilgrim GTX FG Combat employs AKU’s AIR8000 protective fabric, proven to be eleven times more breathable than traditional textiles. The Gore-Tex Extended Comfort membrane provides excellent breathability, waterproofness and quick dry functionality. For the Pilgrim GTX FG Combat, the AIR8000 construction uses a perforated EVA padding, which cannot absorb water; so, the overall result is that this boot, with the Gore-Tex Extended Comfort membrane, actually dries faster than a boot without a waterproof membrane. AKU’s exclusive Internal Midsole System (IMS) technology couples its traditional nylon support structure with a layer of microporous material.

Mil spec

Designed for a high-intensity military environment, the Pilgrim GTX FG Combat is lightweight, agile, yet stable, and waterproof. Suitable for walking and running whilst carrying loads up to 45kg, it’s also flexible enough to be used for driving and trekking over rubble, rock and fields. These boots have been designed with every user’s need catered for. The collar features high abrasion resistance, with an anatomical design to avoid hitting pressure points, and even the laces are made from high breakage resistant threads. The padding is soft and comfortable for day long wear and the boots can even be worn straight out of the box, with no break-in required.

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The test boots I received are obviously manufactured to very, very high standards and the initial feel is one of genuinely high quality. The fit out of the box is also very, very good indeed, even taking into account differing foot shapes amongst my friends who have tried them on. So far, the boots have put up with all types of conditions, both home and abroad, and I have to say that as comfortable as they were from new, this has just got better and better. Although I would say that the boots are now fully ‘bedded’ (not that they needed much wearing to get there!) they have lost none of the support they offered as new; even the original laces are bearing up well!

In my opinion, the ‘Pilgrims’ are a hugely capable boot designed for purpose and what you can have now are the very latest, ‘next generation’ model, suitable for all conditions with assurance of a consistent fit and performance wherever you are. AKU’s brand new Pilgrim GTX FG Combat High Liability boot will be issued to British soldiers prior to deployment and will also be available on general sale via good outdoor retailers. For all of you dedicated ‘Pilgrim Users’ out there, this is great news and, if you’ve yet to try a pair out, then I’d recommend you do so at your earliest convenience!

For more information on the very latest AKU Military Boots please do visit akutactical.com and for stockist information please email admin@ardblairsports.com.

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  • Very nice and pretty shoes. Very suitable for hunting or climbing.

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    Acacia hary
    20 Mar 2019 at 10:30 AM

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