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Lowa Zephyr GTX Mid TF Boots

Lowa Zephyr GTX Mid TF Boots

The Zephyr Mid is an incredibly versatile boot for many occasions. The suede leather upper is available in Brown, Coyote or Desert colours and is Gore-Tex lined for waterproof durability. Large Cordura areas assure great breathability that I have found to be completely comfortable through 18-hour wear times and warmer weather. The lightweight build ensures that the boot is less tiring on those long walks or stationary periods and fast to put on and take off if needed. A combined ‘Cross II’ outsole with Lowa’s ‘Monowrap’ construction seals the upper to the sole, providing lightweight protection to the toes and heel, with little likelihood of separation.

Grip from the sole in all conditions is good and especially noticeable on slippery surfaces, with the small but angled tread lugs shedding debris remarkably well. Although I haven’t worn the light-coloured Coyote versions in seriously muddy conditions, day to day splatter has dried out and brushed off easily, water soaking off long wet grass and puddles has never penetrated to wet my feet. Lowa boots suit my feet well, with a fairly broad sole and at a size 11, I always choose a boot that is specifically marked 45 and not 46 (which is an occasional thing on some size 11s) but this everyday design has truly been worn nearly every day for three months, I have found my shoe nirvana!

Simply superb

This mid-height, six eyelet boot, all of which encapsulate the laces, allow free running, so that you can step in and step out without unlacing or using any speed looped fasteners. This is a must for day in day out use and the supplied laces are well judged, to allow them to remain threaded without pulling free when stepping out, yet not overly long when fully tightened. There are no tight spots around the ankles or bulky areas to cause chaffing here either. The sole is more flexible in torsion and flex that Lowa’s heavier duty, full-grain leather boots like the GTX Hunter but is firm enough to avoid pronounced underfoot obstacles biting into your sole and never feels to lack ankle support. I intend to try the full height version in brown this winter for more hunting discretion on warmer days but will have to look out for the slight squeakiness that you get from the boot, a dusting of talc to the insole’s underside should get rid of this but because I never seem to take the damn things off, I just haven’t got around to it! For sandy and rocky conditions that often fit in with heat, these are the boots for the job without any excess weight, yet never lacking support and for trekking in 36-40-degree temperatures this summer over rocky hillsides, were a highly valued companion that never looked too bulky or overdressed when left on with casual clothing and better still, never felt tiring to drive in. Superb boots!


  • Price: £140
  • Sizes: UK 6.5-12 in half sizes
  • Contact: Becketts Adventure, www.armynnavy.com


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