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Jack Pyke Mittens & Top

As the colder weather encroaches ever deeper into the year, and those warm sunny evenings seem but a distant dream, it’s surely time to accept the situation, review our wardrobes, and stock up on the right kit for the job. Being prepared for all eventualities is the name of the game, and top manufacturer Jack Pyke has a wealth of goodies to cater for our needs.

Hunters Mittens

In cold conditions, there’s a lot to be said for keeping head and hands warm. With a third of heat lost through the head, the logic is obvious but a good pair of gloves can make a similarly dramatic difference to basic comfort levels.

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Jack Pyke’s Hunter’s Mittens are an incredibly cosy option, which, not only cosset the hands but also offer an array of impressive features to satisfy the most demanding of outdoor enthusiasts.

Constructed of Stealth fabric, itself made from 100% polyester brushed tricot and laminated membrane, these gloves are breathable, waterproof and silent in use. Not a bad start, but add in a Polar fleece cuff and lining, that sits high up the wrist, and you begin to see their value in harsh conditions.

When duty calls, the main flap of the mitten folds right back, and is secured by a small neat magnet. Similarly, the thumb section also folds backwards, and with both flaps up, individual fingers are free, and thumb and forefinger, importantly, are exposed. This applies to both gloves, and shooters among us will appreciate this feature, allowing as it does for total sensitivity with regards to pellet handling, or trigger pull for example.

With a leatherette palm section, adding strength as well as enhancing grip, the design is clearly worthy of the ‘Hunters’ moniker. A concealed, zipped pocket is set into the back of each glove too, which is an unexpected, but most welcome feature.

I can honestly say these are one of the most comfortable, cosy, yet highly versatile gloves