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Kinetixx XLight Operations Gloves

Kinetixx XLight Operations Gloves

This is a pair of gloves that combine a lightweight build with functional features.

A combination of synthetic materials means that the gloves are breathable, durable and strong with reinforcement at the wear points. The synthetic leather on the palm gives really good grip as well as abrasion resistance and, a feature which is particularly beneficial for shooters, the ‘gusset’ between the thumb and trigger finger is reinforced to give extra padding and reduce wear.

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The fit is relatively short on the wrist which very usefully leaves your watch visible and accessible. There is a Velcro wrist closure strap and metal eyelets for hanging the gloves or attaching them to a backpack.

In use, the lightweight ergonomic design of the gloves is great for shooting as they enhance the grip on a rifle without interfering with your shooting position. They are thin enough on the front for the shooter to feel the gun, particularly the trigger of course, but they still provide for a secure grip. They are also nice and warm without causing sweating and, if they get wet, they dry out quickly. The lightweight build allows you to operate cameras, scopes and guns easily, so you do not need to be taking them off and on all the time. Overall a great shooting glove.

Thanks to Military 1st (military1st.co.uk) for supplying these for review.

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  • Name: KinetiXx X-Light Operations gloves
  • RRP: £31.95
  • Contact: Thomas Jacks: thomasjacks.co.uk