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Jack Pyke Ashcombe Fleece Jacket

Jack Pyke Ashcombe Fleece Jacket

We often see the word ‘technical’ applied to certain products, particularly in respect of clothing. However, is this just jargon to fool us into thinking the garment superior to others or a valid use of the phrase? So, to assess this, let’s first inspect the material the Ashcombe Technical Fleece Jacket is manufactured from and in this case, it’s 100%, Polyester Fleece.

Wool substitute

Fleece is made of an entirely synthetic material, which, of course, is polyester. Basically, it was invented to imitate wool and is a very good substitute, especially when used for outdoor clothing as it keeps you warm without weighing you down. It also dries quickly, allowing you to wear it in wet conditions. So, in that respect, it is quite technical. Also, note that polyester fleece is extremely warm because of its structure. The pile surface provides space for air pockets between the threads and this applies to both sides of the fabric. And, considering it first emerged from its niche as once being a ‘high-tech, high-performance’ textile, it can in many ways be classed as technical. However, that applies to all polyester fleeces.

Weighty matters

The fabric used in the Ashcombe Technical Fleece Jacket is rated at 230 grams per square meter (GSM). Fleece ‘weight’ refers to the loft and thickness of the material used in a jacket’s construction. This means the weight here falls firmly into the mid-weight category, therefore the Ashcombe is ideal as an outer layer for everyday wear and equally useful as a mid-layer in a layering system.

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Also, it must be noted the heavier the fleece, then the less flexible the garment is to wear. So again, the Ashcombe scores highly due to its warming properties being high in relation to it being very unrestrictive to wear.

The garment

Access is via a front zip opening, which also sensibly includes a chin guard. The high stand-up collar rises up at the back to provide extra protection and the action cut boasts a waist drawstring cord for a tailored fit. Storage is catered for by a zipped breast pocket and two zipped side pockets (all zips include pull assists). Another laudable feature is the thumb cuffs. They’re useful when you require full protection between upper garment and gloves and/or when full gloves aren’t required, they can serve as an unobtrusive alternative to fingerless gloves.

An extra pinch of style is added due to the fleece having contrasting sleeve panels and collar, with an embroidered Jack Pyke logo on the rear of the latter.


The Ashcombe Technical Fleece Jacket is a very stylish and versatile garment that offers comfort with insulation. It’s lightweight, allows moisture to evaporate, while also blocking humidity from the outside. So technically speaking, it does what you’d expect, plus it carries a very reasonable price tag.

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  • Name: Jack Pyke Ashcombe Technical Fleece Jacket
  • Price: £39.95
  • Sizes: S-3XL
  • Contact: Thatchreed Ltd - www.jackpyke.co.uk