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Harkila Pro Hunter Suit

Harkila Pro Hunter Suit

When you see the prices of £399.99 for the Jacket and £229.99 for the Trousers, the Prohunter suit is what you might consider an expensive option for the keen amateur or professional stalker, but Harkila have no hesitation in labelling it the premium clothing offered throughout their range - and for a number of important reasons.

Initial inspection showed some fine workmanship and materials along with a generous fit and subtle key features. Both items feature a soft comfortable `woodland` liner coupled to a durable Gore-Tex performance shell. When moving around, all the fabrics remained quiet and the cut of the trousers - although a little slimmer - was high backed and still allowed generous flexibility in the legs. Belt loops and buttons for braces are featured - and braces on hunting trousers are worth their weight in gold.

Hip, thigh and rear pockets on the trousers are generous without being cumbersome and along with snow tabs in the legs, round off a very good bottom half.

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The Jacket shows a removable hood with useful adjustment cord. Cuffs at the hem and wrists allow a snug fit, but generous enough in arm and torso length to not ride up if prone. For extra visibility, the upper arms have zipped pockets containing orange high viz `signal bands` and along with lined game pocket at the rear. There are chest pockets, internal valuable pockets and large cartridge/ gloved hand pockets at the waist/hip. Both chest pockets contain a little strap that holds the cartridge pockets open for fast access and an upper chest radio pocket has a radio antenna clip. A dual direction zip, with stud closure storm flap offers total wind and water resistance from chin to pelvis.

Quality Tailoring
Items of these prices have to offer excellent weather resistance, warmth and comfort; and every element of their construction must be rugged and hardwearing. The suit comes with a 5-year warranty guaranteeing materials and craftsmanship and this latter term is illustrated in some of the finer details such as the well tailored fit, and features such as underarm ventilation slots that when either zipped or open, lie perfectly flat causing no discomfort. A 40 degree gentle wash is recommended for cleaning.

My first outing in the jacket was on a bitterly cold driven shoot in early December, the jacket not only withstood

the elements, it looked smart in an environment it was not necessarily designed for. It offered easy movement in a shooting sport needing fluid motion and repetitive gunfit. As the English weather would have it, a day out stalking around Christmas saw the temperature in double figures and with only a single fleece underneath, coupled with long stationary periods, was never excessively hot or cold. The English climate needs a jacket that is perhaps a layer to defend against wind and rain rather than to insulate and the fit seemed comfortable whether I wore thermals and fleece layers or nothing but a shirt and tie underneath. I hate being hot as much as being cold, and versatility is the word here, full marks from me!

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  • Not suitable for game shooting either imho - I purchased a Pro Hunter X Jacket to use game shooting only to find that when it rains the cuffs act as a wick and draw water back up the sleeve and onto your clothing!
    No matter how tight I adjust the Velcro cuffs the same happens each time. When I contacted Harkila in Denmark they asked if I used the jacket for pheasant shooting and acknowledged that this could happen, as have Seeland and Uttings in the UK - all of which amazes me as I believe this is unacceptable for a £400 hunting jacket.
    Unfortunately Uttings have not offered me a refund or credit so my opinion and advice would be that, unless you are prepared to wear gloves that will fit over the tops of the sleeves of the jacket, don't buy the Pro Hunter X jacket as from my experience you will not stay dry when it rains!
    I hope my review helps someone else avoid making the same costly mistake as I have.

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    Paul B
    01 Mar 2016 at 05:43 PM

  • I purchased a Harkila Pro X hunting suit 3 months ago, today was its first outing in heavy rain
    After a 3 mile stalk ending in a 250 yard crawl and a kill I have never been so wet in 50 years of stalking and wildfowling in much worse weather
    My opinion of this outfit is unprintable the jacket ended up a sodden mess and I was wet inside and out all over
    Must have been designed for pheasant shooting in England definitely not suitable for stalking in the Scottish Highlands
    Back to my old gear that only lets in rain thro the wear holes

    Default profile image
    F Smith
    07 Oct 2014 at 02:26 PM