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Viper Lazer Shoulder Pack

Viper Lazer Shoulder Pack

I have just lost count of the number of rucksacks and packs I have for both travel and transporting kit when out shooting, whether it be to the range or on a hunt. A true symmetrical rucksack distributes weight evenly and comfortably across both shoulders but interferes on a brief hunt when there is no time to ‘disrobe’ before making a shot. This is doubly so at night, when the last thing you want to do is put anything down in the dark when highly mobile controlling vermin. The answer is to go asymmetrical and after a long time of seeing this kind of bag purely as a light shrug on/shrug off commuter pack, unable to last the course and carry the burden, I am now totally converted.

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Keeping things small encourages you to think light and the first attractive feature was the pocket layout, not too many pockets within pockets to jam tight and effectively hide items in plain sight. We all have different hunting needs but for me, a camera often takes priority alongside the more usual knife, gloves, 1st aid kit, binoculars, thermal spotter, extra binoculars, extra gloves, maybe a spare hat- you get the idea…

Light by name…

The ‘Lazer’ pack is a tough 600D Cordura build with a single shoulder strap starting out 125mm wide at the top zip and tapering down to 75mm where a QR buckle attaches the 50mm Nylon webbing, down to one QR buckle snapping onto one lower corner. The opposing corner carries a narrower 20mm adjustable quick release stabiliser strap to brace the first strap, fastening diagonally across your chest. The pack arrives threaded for the main strap to go over your left shoulder and fasten opposite but all fittings can be unthreaded and set up `lefty’ and it is worth doing so if needed. The joy of this is that the right shoulder (or left) stays totally free and unobstructed, either to sling carry a rifle and when the time comes, mount it normally and shoot correctly. The main pocket has upper and lower frontal equivalents with strong zippers and a further six pockets within these, some zippered, some Velcro, some elasticated but thankfully not too bulky or `mysterious` to effectively hide smaller items. One last external pocket is good for flat items or emergency tools and the partially lined inner has a drain hole for any undesirable fluids.

When crossing fences, climbing, crawling, running or walking, everything stays in place and if needed, the rear Velcro pocket will take a small water reservoir for extra hydration. A 10-litre capacity doesn’t get too bulky or heavy but as the weight is slightly offset, it all balances perfectly with a rifle on the other shoulder anyway and the two become symbiotic. A selection of V-locks and D-rings intersperse the Laser-cut molle externals and you can add extras at will. Main zips carry wellknotted 50mm lanyards for quick access and I liked the fact that the top handle is black neoprene, it highlights which way is up when you grab hold of such a disruptively patterned item. A Velcro ID path is in place for Moral patches and carabiners are positioned to tie extras or valuables like I.D.’s and keys to for extra security on further lanyards. As a general note, the higher on your back you wear it, the closer it will sit and remain stable against your shoulders.

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  • Name: Viper Lazer Shoulder Pack
  • Material: 600D Cordura
  • Dimensions: 31 x 20 x 16cm (12.2 x 7.8 x 6.2-inches) 10 litre volume
  • Weight: 700g
  • Colours: Black, Titanium, Green, Coyote or V-Cam
  • Price: £31.50 Inc. P&P
  • Contact: Military 1st, www.military1st.co.uk