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Wisport Zipperfox 25l Backpack

Wisport Zipperfox 25l Backpack

Wisport makes a huge range of backpacks, many with unusual and very useful features, and they seem to have just about every possible application covered. The Zipperfox is another example of this, and how they design carry solutions cleverly to make practical everyday use easier and more convenient.

Open wide

The main feature of this backpack is an inverted, ‘U’ shaped clamshell zip opening, which allows for quick and easy access to the main compartment from the top and both sides at the same time. Although other packs do offer a wide opening, the Zipperfox takes this to the extreme, with the zip extending down either side of the front panel and then to the back of the pack at the bottom. With the zip fully open, the front panel folds downwards and the side panels fold back, like wings, leaving the whole pack laid flat and all of the contents fully accessible.

Practical applications

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The Zipperfox allows you to set all your gear out, with everything visible and accessible, while keeping it all safe in one place. You can utilise the webbing pockets and accessory holders on the side panels for smaller items and lay out larger kit on the centre panel. If it starts to rain, or if you need to move, you can instantly fold in the side and front panels and close the backpack, keeping everything dry and ready to go. With a standard style of backpack, you would have to repack it from the top and try to stow everything before it gets wet.

Other features

The Zipperfox has some of the best Wisport features, including their very comfortable and stable, SAS Plus carry system and well padded back panel. The shoulder straps are contoured for a ‘best fit’, with an adjustable chest strap, and a wide as well as padded removable hip belt.

There is a zippered hydration compartment, which is secure and a great place to store documents, and water hose brackets on both shoulder straps. Attachment points are provided on all external surfaces and include side handles, straps on the bottom, 4x D rings, Molle compatibility and a hook and loop panel on the front. Quick-release compression straps allow you to secure the load and all of the zips have long paracord pulls, making them easier to use when wearing gloves. If all of that is not enough, there is also a quality rain cover provided in a separate compartment in the bottom of the pack.


This is a great bag and the wide-open access feature makes keeping your gear both secure and accessible very simple. Being able to carry all your gear so comfortably and then lay it all out so easily makes this a great pack for shooting applications. Backed by a 5-year warranty and built to Wisport’s usual high standards, this is definitely a pack worth considering.

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  • Name: Wisport Zipperfox 25l Backpack
  • Price: £155.95
  • Contact: Military 1st - www.military1st.co.uk