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Notch Ballcaps

At Notch, they have set out to make one of the most worn pieces of headwear on the planet, the baseball cap, even better than it was. Founder, Paul Cunningham, is a former US Marine and had always been frustrated with traditional caps because he loved to wear them with sunglasses but was always forced to choose one or the other. Notch was born out of his search for an answer to this problem.

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On traditional caps the brim of the hat always interferes with the arms of your glasses. Notch have taken this common problem and come up with a practical solution. Their low profile caps feature an innovative insert at the left and right corner of the brim which neatly accommodates your shooting glasses. This effectively eliminates the problem and it works with most wrap-around style sunglasses, shooting glasses and safety glasses.

Available in a range of styles and colours, the one seen here is Kryptek’s ‘Highlander’ pattern. Size S/M caps fit 6 7/8 to 71⁄4, whilst L/XL fit 7 3/8 to 73⁄4. All models are currently priced at £24.99 which may seem a lot but believe me when I tell you that once you’ve tried a Notch cap you’ll see what you’ve been missing — this is the baseball cap reinvented for the shooter!

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