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KinetiXx X-Light and X-pro Gloves

KinetiXx X-Light and X-pro Gloves

KinetiXx are a German brand and have a huge range of gloves and seem to cover just about any application. There is a massive variety and I’ve recently received a selection to evaluate.

The tactical range have been specifically designed for military and police personnel and are made from a range of innovative fabrics that provide comfort, moisture protection and breathability, all vital if you’re wearing gloves all day in less than ideal conditions. They are also flame retardant, cut resistant and are generally very well styled and offer an ergonomic feel. The gloves I’ve been wearing recently have all been very comfortable and pleasant to wear from new; other tough gloves I’ve worn over the years seem to take a while to beak in.


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The first pair, the X-Light, are a breathable, general purpose glove and are very light, as you would expect from the name and are only 2¾-ounces or 79-grams but don’t let this lightweight build put you off! They are very well designed and are made to fit the hand perfectly; in fact, they fit better than a glove! They are ‘shaped’ to the hand, with a slight curve.

They are extremely tactile and made from three different materials and you can even operate a touch screen with them on, which is very handy these days. There are synthetic reinforcements on the back and a Velcro fastener allows them to be fitted perfectly; there’s even an eyelet on the wrist should you wish to secure them via a lanyard. I’ve worn these gloves on numerous trips to the farm whilst foxing and have been very comfortable all evening and have allowed me to operate my rifle, lamp etc. perfectly.

Available in sizes Small to XXL and in Coyote, Black or Camo; they are great value at £29.95.


Next up are the X-Pro, that have a much heavier build, and are designated as a ‘Tactical Operations Glove’, so are ideal for units such as tactical firearms teams etc. They are once again constructed to be very ergonomic and have a similar overall build to the X-Light but have synthetic leather on the palms for extra grip and durability. There is extra protection for the thumbs, thanks to ‘ribbed’ sections on the knuckles and more synthetic leather on the backs; there are also moulded rubber section that protect the knuckles that could certainly come in handy for someone like a police officer or soldier if things turn nasty in an ‘up close and personal’ situation! They are fully certified to EN388:2016 regarding abrasion, cut and tear resistance and are CE certified. Once again, available in Coyote, Black or Camo and sizes Small to XXL; they are £41.95.

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  • Brand: KinetiXx
  • Name: X-Light Gloves
  • Price: £29.95
  • Name: X-Pro
  • Price: £41.95
  • Contact: Thomas Jacks thomasjacks.co.uk