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Helikon Tex M65 Covert Jacket

Helikon Tex M65 Covert Jacket

The new Covert M-65 Jacket is part of Helikon’s Urban Line, which includes hoodies, bags, tactical jeans, shirts, jackets and gloves etc. The products in this line are designed to be highly practical whilst remaining low profile, making them ideal for law enforcement. However, they are also a great choice for us ‘civvies’ who are after practical, capable clothing that fits well and is non-restrictive.


I would describe the M-65 as a medium weight jacket, that will offer protection from light rain and wind, making it ideal for the autumn and winter months. It is manufactured to a very high standard from DuraCanvas fabric and shows reinforcement on the elbows, inside the cuffs and on the shoulders, which is no doubt to help protect the jacket from luggage shoulder straps.

The collar is quite high, offering additional protection from the elements, and there is a large, adjustable hood hidden inside it. This can be accessed via a covered zip which can be reached from the front. The front of the jacket includes a wind flap, which is fastened with Canadian buttons and includes a ‘break-away’ zipper.

This interesting feature allows the wearer to rapidly pull the jacket open, even with the zip done up. Both cuffs are adjustable and can be secured using one of two buttons depending on user preference. Alternatively, the sleeves can be rolled up slightly, if required.

Internal features

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Inside the jacket are the two elasticated pull-cord adjusters for the hood, just below the neckline. At chest height, on the left-hand side, there is small mesh-lined zippered pocket hidden under the wind flap. On the opposite side, there is a standard, medium-sized pocket with a difference. Inside is a flat, removable bum-bag/fanny pack which is secured in place with a zip. Once removed, it measures 12 x 19cm (WxH), making it big enough for a large mobile phone. It includes an elasticated, adjustable waist strap plus a small zip, for access.

Towards the hem, on both sides, there is a large zipped pocket. These include an internal organiser system made up of two elasticated pouches, suitable for a torch, multi-tool, knife or lighter.

On the outside

Externally, the jacket shows a button-sealed chest pocket on each side, measuring 14 x 16cm (WxH). These are both cut/designed to allow them to expand and hold more items. There is also a small zipped pouch located on the forearm of the left-hand sleeve.

On each side, there are two hip pockets, one at the front and one towards the rear. The rearward one is easily accessible, has a Velcro flap and measures 14 x 20cm (WxH). The front pocket measures 17 x 20cm (WxH) and includes a large button-sealed flap.


I have worn and reviewed a lot of Helikon clothing from the urban line and am a huge fan. The Covert M-65 Jacket is a great addition and a safe bet for anyone looking for a practical and durable, medium-weight jacket.

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  • Helikon Tex M65 Covert Jacket - image {image:count}

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  • Name: Helikon-Tex Covert M-65 Jacket
  • Sizes: XS-XXXL
  • Colours: Ash Grey, Black, Taiga green, Taiga Green/Black
  • Price: €119.00
  • Contact: www.helikon-tex.com