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Helikon-Tex UTP Jeans

Helikon-Tex UTP Jeans

As much as there is an ongoing love affair with ‘tacticool’ trousers, let’s face it, how many of us head to the range in our favourite pair of blue jeans? If you’re anything like me, then I’m sure that’s a regular occurrence, but what if you could have your jeans with all the features you’d find in those ‘Gucci’ models?

Durable and functional ‘Helikon Urban Tactical Pants – Denim’ are a ‘mid profile’ trouser, so that they look less like a uniform.

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The trousers feature a number of useful pockets placed at the front, rear and on both thighs. The two front hand pockets have extra strong edges that are intended for clips of folding knives. There are also two internal symmetrical pockets, sewn in diagonally to the belt area and made of material lighter than the pants themselves; these two pockets are intended for carrying objects like telescopic batons or an extra pistol magazine, in a discreet, comfortable and secure way. Two large rear pockets with hook-and-loop fasteners also have two auxiliary small pockets placed inside. These small pockets are the equivalent of two interior pockets at the front of the pants. It is worth adding that their depth may be adapted by sewing them at a certain height or by unstitching pleats. These are perfect for carrying a small flashlight or a multitool. The trousers also feature large, diagonal, symmetrical thigh pockets, divided in two. The smaller have a hook-and-loop fastener and are perfect for carrying mobile phones, magazines for ARs or pistols. The larger pockets feature YKK zips and a single pleat that increases their capacity.

Perfect fit

These quality pants fit well in the waist, thanks to a flat elastic tape sewn in the rear part of the belt area, and are zipped with a durable metal YKK zip and fastened with big hook-and-loop fastener. All the UTP series trousers also feature profiled front and rear part of the leg around the knees. The front knee part is additionally strengthened with two layers of material. In turn, these two layers create an internal pocket, which is perfect for a lightweight knee pad if you so desire. All these characteristics ensure freedom of movement and limit raising trouser legs while crouching or kneeling.

For the ladies too

Designed to fit the female body shape, the Women’s Urban Tactical Pants from Helikon feature a classic jeans ‘neck’ shape, to limit them riding up or down, and elasticated waist with YKK zip fly and Velcro, and reinforced knees with internal kneepad compartments for optional padding. The Women’s UTP Pants also features one leg length for individual adjustment, 12 various sizes of tactical pockets and seven wide belt loops.

Whilst the ‘denim’ fabric looks great, it also performs extremely well too, as it has a fourway stretch capability, which actually moves with you, and is not in any way restrictive. The fabric is solidly ‘heavyweight’, more like serious workwear than ‘casual’ attire, and it seems perfect for the rigours of the range or extended use in an urban environment. Designed with Law Enforcement and tactical users in mind, the UTP Pants from Helikon are also suitable for all outdoor pursuits and even daily wear!

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  • Name: Helikon-Tex UTP Jeans
  • Price: Men's: £64.90
  • Women's: £62.40
  • Contact: Military 1st www.military1st.co.uk


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