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Reximex Mito S Air pistol

Reximex Mito S Air pistol

For this test, I got the Reximex Mito PCP regulated air pistol in black, although orange, red and purple barrel shrouds are also available. It comes in .177 or .22 (on test). Although intended for target shooting, it’s a very viable close range pest control gun.

The synthetic stocked version on test here comes in a sturdy, padded soft case. Inside is a detachable shoulder stock, 2x rotary magazines, a singleshot adaptor, a fill probe, a ½ UNF silencer adaptor, an alternative height foresight and 2x Allen keys, plus at least 12 spare O-rings. That’s what I call value, considering it’s also ambidextrous and has an 11mm rail for scope use too!

A closer look

This is not a cheap gun when it comes to looks or handling. It feels very well made and balances perfectly, tilting the scales at only 900-grams. The overall length is 14.25” and this all-black model has a polymer grip, synthetic stock and anodised black aluminium metalwork.

Being a PCP there is a small air reservoir under the barrel, which shows a nice air pressure gauge at its tip. The filling aperture is positioned on the right-hand side and is slanted, plus has no cover. Simply fill to 250bar (max) and enjoy 40 shots in .177 and about 60 in .22.

The barrel sits above the reservoir in a rectangular shroud, which shows an 11mm dovetail and Picatinny slots for a scope or red dot sight. The actual length is 7.9” and at the muzzle, the shroud is threaded to accept the supplied silencer adaptor. All very handy for vermin control.

The action is aluminium, shows an 11mm dovetail section topside and is short, measuring 4.25”. There is a side-lever on the left that cocks the pistol and rotates the magazine, all in one movement. It is slick in operation. You can choose a single-shot adaptor for longer pellets, or fill up the supplied rotary mags (7 shots in .22, 14 in .177) for some quick-fire action.


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The magazine slots in from the right and sits proud to that side of the action. It’s positioned correctly by a small raised ridge on the mag and is locked in place with a ball bearing set into the action. To fill, rotate anti-clockwise against the spring and pop in a single pellet to hold tension, then just rotate the lid clockwise, revealing an empty hole where you pop a new pellet in.

There is a small crossbolt safety and the trigger is marvellous. It’s certainly a match unit, breaking at 2.05 lbs, with a short first stage and then very precise, predictable, second stage. In combination with the grip, the trigger is perfectly positioned and effortless to use. The open sights supplied are a simple affair with no adjustment. No matter, this pistol shot slightly right and spot-on at 10 yards with the fitted foresight.

Fancy features

The Mito in synthetic form can be instantly changed into a carbine with the all-black, polymer, shoulder stock being fitted to the top and bottom of the pistol grip by slotting it into securing tangs. To remove it, simply press a large button at the back of the generous thumbhole design. You can choose a walnut grip but this does not come with the shoulder stock.

Being ambidextrous in design, this pistol suits all shooters and is further helped in balance by the shoulder stock acting as a steadier that envelopes the hand for a proper hold. The excellent grip has three finger grooves, a large polymer base and twin palm swells. It has been scalloped in the right places too, so your hand sits perfectly in line with the axis of the gun.

Range time

For the tests, I fitted the shoulder stock, a Holo sight and an A-Tec Carbon Wave mod. It looked superb! It’s worth mentioning that the Mito comes fitted with a regulator, which is surprising, given the price. It not only improves accuracy but due to the precise metering of the air per shot, gives you the maximum shots per charge. As the pressure drops from 250 to 100bar within the small 50cc air reservoir, the regulator keeps all the shots at the same velocity, which is very handy.

At 10 yards off a bench, I tested a few pellets for velocity and accuracy. First up were the RWS Superdomes (14.3-grain), which achieved a velocity of 393.4 FPS and 4.90 ft/lbs of energy. The Bisley Pest Control pellets (18.18-grain) managed 346.6 FPS | 4.85 ft/lbs, while the ultra-light, leadfree FTT Green pellets (9.56-grain) managed 454.9 FPS | 4.39 ft/lbs. The Baracuda Green (12.7-grain) achieved 411.4 FPS | 4.77 ft/lbs and the RWS Power Piercing pellet (13.7-grain) managed 400 FPS | 4.87 ft/lbs. Finally, the Power Force Sport (15.4-grain) flat head pellet produced 387.7 FPS | 5.14 ft/lbs, making them the most powerful tested. Plus, at 6 yards, in pistol format, they achieved 0.85” groups with open sights. In carbine format, the best accuracy went to the RWS Superdomes - 0.75” at 15 yards.


On its own, the versatility of the Reximex Mito sells the pistol. The great build quality, regulator, case and all the spares are just the icing on the cake. I really liked this pistol and it has certainly rekindled my interest in this type of gun, so I intend on taking it out for a spot of vermin control. More on that later!

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  • Name: Reximex Mito S Air Pistol
  • Calibre: .22 on test, .177 available
  • Action: Side-lever, PCP
  • Energy: 5 ft/lbs
  • Trigger: 2-stage
  • Cylinder Volume: 50cc
  • Fill Pressure: 250bar (regulator fitted)
  • Magazine Capacity: 7 in .22, 14 in .177
  • Overall Length: 610mm with stock fitted
  • Barrel Length: 7.9”
  • Weight: 1.98 lbs
  • Price: From £459.99
  • Contact: Range-Right - www.range-right.co.uk