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Brocock’s Contour XL G6 Special Edition

Brocock have had mixed fortunes over recent years, but things are looking to be on the up as they are now part of the same Italian company that owns Daystate airguns and the Marocchi shotgun brand.

The test rifle we are looking at here is new for 2015 and is a Special Edition model of Brocock’s popular lightweight Contour XL Super 6 (S6) pre-charged pneumatic. This particular model comes in a new Minelli-made ambidextrous green ‘soft-coated’ and skeletonised stock that is warm and grippy to the touch. The upright pistol grip and short forend both have panels of moulded checkering making the hold even more comfortable and solid. The large cut-out in the butt section not only helps to lower weight but also effectively makes the stock a ‘thumbhole’ – a thumb-up hold isn’t an option with this model.

As with all Contours, this is an ultra-carbine sized model measuring just 30.5 inches in total length and weighing approximately 4lbs unscoped. Another feature exclusive to this G6 model is that the one inch diameter air cylinder is presented in a colour co-ordinated shade of forest green – neat. The rest of the rifle – action, barrel, trigger unit, cylinder cover etc. – are in standard black while the small 6-shot rotary magazines are sensibly polished ‘in the white’ which will make them easier to locate if you drop one. Yes, we all do.

The slim barrel is located to the cylinder with a figure-8 bracket and is finished with a screw-off cap that protects the threaded muzzle. Usually a 10x1mm to ½ inch UNF silencer adaptor is included in the package to allow fitting of a standard sound moderator, but our test gun was passed on to us from another publication without this important little item. Be warned that you will need it, as this short-barrelled carbine operates close to the full UK legal power limits so a sound moddy is a must. Brocock do make their own mini-moderator which at around 4.5 inches long and just 2oz in weight would be an ideal companion to the Concept size-wise, but the supplied ½ inch UNF silencer adaptor allows you to choose from virtually any make you prefer.

Multi-Shot & Mini-Mags

The Contour uses a really simple loading system. The side mounted elongated peanutshaped bolt handle is compact but easy to operate. The bolt has a short slot to run in with locking drop slots at either end – the front drop slot locks the bolt in the closed position. Just lift the bolt from the front slot, slide it back (which cocks the trigger at the end of the bolt travel) and drop it into the rear slot, which locks the action open.

With the bolt secured in this manner the rotary 6-shot alloy magazine can be removed sideways from the receiver. You then simply push a pellet into each chamber; it’s a good idea to use another pellet as a ‘seating tool’ to make sure each pellet is secured by the O-ring that sits in a groove around the magazine’s circumference.

These magazines are small compared to many others on the market and although only giving a 6-shot payload they are the easiest to load by far (with no moving parts to break) and their diminutive size means they won’t rise too much above the action to foul low mounted or large tubed scopes. This action has been subtly improved with a more usable length of dovetail rail available to fit a scope with good eye relief.

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Once filled, the magazine can be replaced into the action, where a fairly large domed bearing at the rear of the mag locates into a recessed cup on the rear face of the receiver, whilst the magazine’s smaller ‘sprung ball’ front bearing fits into a horizontal groove in the front face of the receiver. With the magazine in place, the bolt is lifted from its rear slot and slid forward, pushing the bolt probe through the magazine and seating the first pellet into the barrel breech. The bolt handle is then turned down to lock into the front slot.

When the first shot has been taken, the bolt is lifted and pulled back, which once again cocks the action while simultaneously operating the ratchet mechanism that indexes the magazine and lines up another pellet for loading. Pushing the bolt forward and down completes the operation and leaves the rifle ready to fire again.

The action can be de-cocked by pulling the bolt back fully and holding it while pulling the trigger and allowing the bolt to slide forward under your control. If you do this, remember to remove the magazine before taking the next shot as there is now a pellet in the breech and you don’t want to put another ‘up the spout.’

Filling and Firing

The air cylinder is filled to a maximum pressure of 200 bar via a front filler valve using a supplied a QD fitting. A screwon cover keeps things dirt-, grit- and dust-free. With the most accurate pellets (Crosman Premiers and Daystate FT) I was getting around 28-30 shots at a mean average of 11.3ft/ lbs with the charge at 190 bar, but I know that other people using a Contour have got their best figures at a charge of just 180 bar – so it’s worthwhile experimenting with fill pressure from around 175 bar through to 200 bar to see what gives your particular rifle the highest amount of consistent shots. Whatever way you look at it, over 25 full-power shots per charge is enough for most hunting/ pest control outings and very good for such a tiny carbine.

The 2-stage trigger unit is adjustable for both firststage length and second-stage weight of pull. The action was well-weighted and precise straight out of the box with no adjustment required – but it’s there if you want it.

Fired from a bench-rested position, and with an MTC Genesis 3-9x40 scope on board, the Contour was well able to get 40mm kills at 45 yards, which, with practice, ought to be able to be duplicated (and bettered) from a freehand hunter or HFT positions.


This is one to look at if compact and lightweight mean a lot to you – especially if you do much of your shooting from an enclosed vehicle, hide or other confined space, or in and around farm buildings/factories and the like. If you give your rifle a hard life then the Special Edition green rubberised stock is well worth having too! Oh yes, and as mentioned before, you will need a moderator!

PRICE: £549 (model on test) includes 2x magazines and 10x1mm to ½ inch UNF silencer adaptor
CONTACT: Brocock Ltd. 01785 851 304 www.brocock.co.uk

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  • Model: Brocock Contour XL G6 carbine
  • Action: Multi-shot Pre-Charged Pneumatic
  • Calibre: .177 on test - .22 available
  • Stock: Skeletonised ambidextrous green synthetic stock
  • Overall Length: 30.5 inches
  • Barrel Length: 13.5 inch
  • Weight: 4lbs
  • Trigger: 2-stage, adjustable
  • Optional Extras: Silencer