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Raven Airsoft pistols

Raven Airsoft pistols

So, with so many handgun RIFs out there, you might be wondering if there is actually a place for a new brand? We all have our favourite brands, and my occasional dips into the ‘online world’ have shown me that those defending a particular manufacturers offering can be somewhat, vociferous! But then you may as well ask the question: “Is there a place for another M4/AR?” To which the answer seems to always be an unequivocal and resounding “YES!!!”

Relatively recently, team at NUPROL answered the ‘M4’ question with the release of their ever-expanding range of DELTA series AEGs and to say that this range has been a success for them would be a massive understatement, and not just in the UK! It was, however, a surprise even to me though when Ross, the NUPROL Brand and Marketing guru, let me into the secret that they were planning a whole new range of their very own handguns under the RAVEN banner.

More than skin deep

Now before anyone stands up and shouts: “But this is just a pistol by another brand with a RAVEN sleeve”, please let me dispel this line of thinking utterly. As with the DELTA AEG series, Ross and the team have carried out the same process, to bring the new pistols to market; working directly with the factories in the Far East, they have scoured the parts that are available and put them together in their own unique way, to bring us a new series of pistols that are unique to them. If you look in the box for instance, when you receive your new ‘EU18’, you’ll find a set of interchangeable backstraps (you might say here ‘Gen 4 style’), a little bag containing spare O-Rings and even a spare nozzle! In one go, your maintenance issues are solved from the get-go; there’s even a CO2 compatible spring for the MEU!

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As much as the new RAVEN EU18 initially stole the limelight, there are in fact three models available, the others being the 1911 ‘MEU’ and the EU17, and all are beautifully finished. But not content with just offering the new pistols in simple black, the very latest RAVENS come in a multitude of camouflage colours too!

If you’d like a ‘full multicam’ version, then you can certainly have it, but what about a ‘multicam’ lower with a green or tan slide? Yup, you can have that too, as the new pistols have all been through a ‘hydro-dip’ process that gives a really even and superlative finish. Whilst I’m normally the first to say ‘Yup, black for me please!’, I have to admit that the 1911 with tan slide, ‘multicam’ body and matching grips certainly does it for me, and a number of my friends have already picked up one of these visually stunning pistols!

Stark Raven

I have to say that I actually like the new hydro-dipped RAVEN GBB pistol models, and I’d gladly have one as a ‘secondary’ if I wasn’t already using a ‘boring black’ EU17! All the models are very well made, function exceptionally well, are superbly presented, and perform just as you’d expect. They are all also attractively priced, which is great if one is your first airsoft pistol or you need an extra backup, and there are already complementary accessories in the NUPROL range available, such as the new Torch Bearing Holster for the EU.

I’m now looking forward to seeing how the RAVEN range moves forward from this point, but whatever comes will be great news for players old and new alike. To conclude, when I asked Ross where he thought the range might be headed he simply told me: “RAVEN is going to expand. A LOT.”

For more information and to keep fully up to date with new releases, please do check out rvnairsoft.com and keep a close eye on facebook.com/ravengbb.

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  • Raven Airsoft pistols - image {image:count}

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  • Raven Airsoft pistols - image {image:count}

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  • Raven Airsoft pistols - image {image:count}

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