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Anschutz 1416 Bolt Action .22LR rifle with Hausken sound moderator and Docter optic.

Peter Moore checks out the beautiful Anschutz 1416 Bolt Action .22LR rifle with thumbhole stock.


  • Always liked Anshutz but found that the mag release and the price were just too much to bear.  I went the Sako Quad Hunter Deluxe and compared against the Sako it shot better groups.  The trigger was only ever so lightly less good.  The wood on that model you had seemed better than what I have seen on some other 22LR Anshutz.

    I would have thought 22LR and sound mod would exclude the need for ear protection or is it much louder than it comes across on the video?

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    mark bennett
    05 Feb 2017 at 10:44 AM

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