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100 Greatest Battles

100 Greatest Battles

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It cannot be easy choosing one hundred battles from the many thousands fought over the centuries, because what will be of interest to one reader will not necessarily interest another. Here, the author has divided the list into nine periods, ranging from the Ancient World to the Modern Age, and included land, sea, and aerial battles. This is very clever because it offers something to a wide range of military enthusiasts. Each battle is dealt with in a few hundred words by keeping strictly to the very basic facts, such as date, location, and opposing forces, before concluding with the outcome. This style of presentation is best suited to students as an introduction to help prepare for their history GCSE exams, such as the battles of Khe Sanh and Hue because the Vietnam War is part of these exam papers. This is recommended as an excellent present idea with Christmas approaching.

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  • Title: 100 Greatest Battles
  • Author: Angus Konstam
  • Publisher: Osprey, Oxford
  • ISBN: 9781472856944
  • Price: £14.99