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Artillery of the Napoleonic Wars

Artillery of the Napoleonic Wars

From expressions such as ‘abattage des bois’ to ‘Zeughaus’, if artillery of the French army under Napoleon Bonapart is your field of interest, then, this encyclopaedic reference work is an absolute must to have on your bookshelf. The compilation of such detailed work could only be achieved through meticulous and thorough research, which can be used to answer any question on artillery between 1792 and 1815. Well illustrated with technical drawings showing barrels at various stages of construction, gun carriages, ammunition and even considers Congreve’s rockets. With over 40 pages of Artillery Tables as a ‘ready reference’, modellers and war gamers will find this book a useful guide, also. If anything has been left out, and from the looks of things nothing has, then it will be of such inconsequence that it will not alter the fact this is a first-class book on artillery during the Napoleonic Wars.


Artillery of the Napoleonic Wars


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Kevin F. Kiley


Frontline Books, Barnsley, South Yorkshire





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