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Battle of Malta

Battle of Malta

The onslaught unleashed against the island of Malta during the timespan covered in this well-researched and nicely presented work has been the subject of many books. This single volume is different because it’s tightly written and sticks to the facts, with no deviation away from the subject at hand. A brief historical introduction is followed by short biographies of the opposing commanders, before outlining the strategic importance of the island to the Allies as a military base. Most of this will already be known to some readers, but it’s always good to recap certain things. He covers the famous convoys which helped bring the island back from the brink. Malta’s position was parlous but the resolve of the civilians and the determination of the British and Allied forces to prevent its loss is covered here, and their stoicism has to be admired. Great history well told and an all-around excellent read.


Battle of Malta


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Anthony Rogers


Osprey, Oxford





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