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Before Endeavours Fade

Before Endeavours Fade

When the first edition of this magnificent work appeared in 1976, a time when there were still many veterans of the Great War, nothing like it had ever been seen. This issue is the 14th print and is a greatly expanded volume on the original work by the late author. For example, it has 248 pages compared to the 160 pages of the 1983 edition. It is still as pertinent today as the original but now includes colour images, up-to-date information, especially modern road maps for access and new memorials. It still remains a masterful work and, as was said of the original, no library of the Great War would be complete unless this was on the shelves. This work is a testimony to the bravery of all those who fought in the conflict. Packed full of good, solid facts makes this a must for visitors to the Western Front of 1914-1918.


Before Endeavours Fade


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Rose E.B. Coombes, OBE


Battle of Britain International Ltd, Essex





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