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Blitzkrieg in the West - Then and Now

Blitzkrieg in the West - Then and Now

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Even to a general reader, the term ‘Blitzkrieg’ requires no explanation. It’s an expression that most people know, even if they do not fully understand the tactics involved. The depth of research required to produce this masterful work, which first appeared in 1991, has produced a book of undoubted importance, which is vital to any historian studying WWII. As the subtitle says, it is a ‘Then and Now’ comparison history, and over the intervening 30 years much has changed. Much more has changed since 1940, but the author uses images from back then and presents them with more recent images. However, it’s his text that puts weight into the work, and the mention of the smaller actions, the myriad of which have become overshadowed by the bigger battles. Anyone thinking about a self-guided tour of the 1940 battlefields would do well to have a copy of this.

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  • Title: Blitzkrieg in the West - Then and Now
  • Author: Jean Paul Pallud
  • Publisher: After the Battle
  • ISBN: 9780900913686
  • Price: £50.00