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British Cavalryman vs German Cavalryman

British Cavalryman vs German Cavalryman

In this excellent book, the author reminds the reader how much movement was made during the early months of the First World War, especially by the cavalry units. Much was expected of the cavalry, still considered to be an elite force on the battlefield, to screen the flanks and provide reconnaissance. The author covers training, including riding skills, the use of a lance and sword, plus the welfare of the horses. In the early stages of the war, the cavalry was very active and engaged in some short but fierce actions. One of these was fought at Le Montcel on the 7th September, when the British 9th Lancers faced German lancers in one of the last true cavalry charges, which the author relates in a masterful way. Full of detail to satisfy battlefield tourists to wargamers, this is a title to add to the shelves of any library.


British Cavalryman versus German Cavalryman


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Alan Steele


Osprey, Oxford





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