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Dunkirchen 1940

Dunkirchen 1940

There have been many books written on Dunkirk, but very few in the same context as this, which takes the German point of view. It is a format the author has used in his other critically-acclaimed works, which include Operation Market Garden. This work describes the lead-up to the launch of ‘Fall Gelb’ as the German attack west was codenamed, including the doubts which were in the minds of some of the senior officers and, perhaps even Hitler, although he would not have admitted as such. From the opening day, the book charts the almost ‘runaway’ successes of Guderian and Rommel, to the more cautious approach by some units. The first-hand accounts range from those who express respect for the fighting capabilities of the British soldier, to a very personal opinion of the massacre of men from the 2nd Battalion Manchester Regiment at Le Paradis.


Dunkirchen 1940


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Robert Kershaw


Osprey, Oxford





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