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March past!

March past!

Mention the name Simon Fraser and hardly anyone would take notice. However, mention Lord Lovat and their reaction is different as they know the war hero of D-Day and so many operations of WWII. Yet, both were the one and the same man of whom Winston Churchill said ‘was the handsomest man who ever cut a throat’. This work, which was first published in 1978, is the autobiography of a man who enjoyed life to the full and never shied away from danger. He pressed his men hard and was rewarded with their loyalty. He puts down his opinions of the great and the not-so-great and expresses admiration for the men who served under him. This is a book that if it were a blockbuster movie, people would say it was impossible. But this is true and makes an incredible read about a man who saw more action than many others ever would.


March Past!


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Lord Lovat


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