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Military Dogs of WWII

Military Dogs of WWII

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Dogs have served in military roles for over 2,500 years and continue to provide valuable support to modern armies around the world. After a brief recap to introduce the subject, the author settles down to make a very good fist of things. The book is packed with great illustrations to support statements and discusses dogs serving in freezing cold climates, to humid, tropical islands during WWII. The US Army created the K9 Corps to train dogs for roles in WWII, which included ‘donated’ pets, such as the singing star, Rudy Valee’s, Doberman Pinscher. The Russians trained over 50,000 dogs and the British Expeditionary Force had 600 dogs on strength in 1940. This text is full of fascinating facts, such as Germany being banned from having dogs in the army under the Treaty of Versailles. Very good history well told, with plenty of individual canine stories.

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  • Title: Military Dogs of WWII
  • Author: Susan Bulanda
  • Publisher: Casemate Publishing, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
  • ISBN: 9781636243252
  • Price: £24.94