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Operation Bagration

Operation Bagration

Just over two weeks after the Allies had landed at Normandy on 6th June 1944, the Soviet Red Army launched its summer offensive, codenamed ‘Operation Bagration’. This book charts the planning and preparation behind the attack, which would last for two months and culminate in the destruction of the German Army Group Centre. When Minsk fell, over 100,000 German troops were captured. When the operation was halted the Russians had committed over 2.3 million men and pushed the Germans back to the border of Poland. The maps show the scale of the operation and the photographs show the levels of equipment, tanks and weapons involved in the fighting. It was no ‘walk-over’ for the Russians as the Germans, even in retreat, fought hard. The losses on both sides were high in men and equipment, but the result as explained in this well-presented work was that Russia broke Germany’s ability to hold the Eastern Front.


Operation Bagration


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Ian Baxter


Casemate, Oxford





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