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Operation Chariot

Operation Chariot

The year of 1942 was to prove a very busy period for Britain’s armed forces, in particular ‘Combined Operations’ which had been formed in 1940 with the task of launching raids against military positions in Germanheld Europe. The year began well with Operation Biting which successfully captured details about German radar at Bruneval on the night of 27-28 February. Exactly a month later, Operation Chariot was launched on 28 March to destroy port facilities at St Nazaire. It was an audacious plan executed against overwhelming odds which the author expertly guides the reader through step by step from concept, training and the operation itself. Nothing like it had ever been planned and in distance it was further than anything attempted by Combined Operations. The attack was a success and achieved the long-term outcome which the author reminds the reader, along with the price paid by the attackers. Excellent photographs, diagrams and first-hand accounts make this an essential volume on Combined Operations.


Jean-Charles Stasi


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Casemate, Oxford





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