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Seminole Warrior vs US Soldier

Seminole Warrior vs US Soldier

During the first half of the 19th century, European settlers in America spread out into tribal lands, which brought them into conflict with indigenous native peoples. These tribes responded with force to protect their lands. Military force was deployed and led to campaigns such as the Seminole War, the second such operation which is the subject of this book. The military deployed weaponry of an industrialised culture against primitive peoples and found they did not have it all their own way. The Seminole warriors, only armed with muskets and traditional weapons, were adept at changing tactics, which led to them inflicting a minor, but significant defeat on the military. Despite their bravery, the Seminole resistance was broken in 1837, but they fought a guerrilla campaign for a further 4 years. This absorbing work will appeal to general readers and historians alike. This is an early example of how tribal peoples could sometimes best trained military forces.


Seminole Warrior Vs US Soldier


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Ron Field


Osprey, Oxford





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