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Siege of Budapest 1944-45

Siege of Budapest 1944-45

By 1944, the German army on the Eastern Front was being pushed back by a series of offensives launched by the Russian army. The situation was the very opposite of what it was in 1941-42, with the Germans in Hungary having to be defensive. Earlier, the Germans had been the ones conducting sieges at places such as Leningrad and Sevastopol, now they would become the besieged in Budapest, the capital city of their Hungarian allies. This fascinating work explains how the Russians advanced to the outskirts of the city and manoeuvred to surround and isolate the defenders, which included Hungarian troops, by late December. The narrative describes how the fighting developed as the Germans refused to give up any ground and even launched attacks. This is a chapter of the Eastern Front which is slowly coming to be understood in the west. This book takes the story to its inevitable conclusion and in doing so adds to the understanding.


Siege of Budapest: 1944-45


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Balazs Mihalyi


Osprey Publishing, Oxford





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