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Tank Gun Systems

Tank Gun Systems

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Many of the tanks used in both world wars will be familiar to most military enthusiasts, who know what their capabilities were, but the internal layout remains largely a mystery. This book takes the reader inside and describes in great detail how the main armament in each type of tank was operated, from loading, to aiming, to firing. It is surprising how many tank guns began service as field guns, such as the British 17-pounder. Excellent diagrams show various breech mechanisms, hydraulic recoil systems, and sight units. This is all backed up with a detailed text full of technical details and explanations. At the start, only three countries had tanks in WWI, but as other countries developed them, these too are dealt with in turn to include Russia, Italy, and Japan. The ballistic data covering the penetration of armour is fascinating and will satisfy anyone with an interest in weapon technology.

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  • Title: Tank Gun Systems
  • Author: William Andrews
  • Publisher: Pen and Sword Books, South Yorkshire
  • ISBN: 9781399042352
  • Price: £35.00