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The American Revolution 1774-1783

The American Revolution 1774-1783

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The outcome of the American Revolution, also known as the War of Independence, is celebrated by Americans on the 4 July every year, which marks the founding of their nation. This title, the latest in the Essential Histories series, covers 1774 to 1783, which takes in the events leading up to the start of the war and ends with its conclusion by the signing of the Peace of Paris. In little over ten years, an army of what Britain considered a rebel force, had bested a professional army and outfought its generals. This is a sweeping history delivering many facts, including the political, military, and social history of the time. The armies, their tactics, and the battles are all covered in this very concise work, which delivers much detail and unravels a very complex episode in history. This book is ideal for general readers but will also appeal to students studying socio-political history in the 18th century.

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  • Title: The American Revolution 1774-1783
  • Author: Daniel Marston
  • Publisher: Osprey Publishing, Oxford
  • ISBN: 9781472857392
  • Price: £12.99