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The battle of Stalingrad through German Eyes

The battle of Stalingrad through German Eyes

There are some battles from WWII which continue to fascinate even after a wealth of books have been published about them. This is one of those battles, the very name of which is well known, but still has so much more yet to be revealed. As the title of this gripping work explains, it is told from the German point of view and, in doing so, reveals much in-depth detail. It reveals how the Germans moved through various stages, from optimism to a feeling of forlornness. The way in which the German soldier begins to understand the Russians and respect their fighting ability is also evident. Refusing to believe his army was losing, Hitler forbade surrender and the end, when it came, was not mentioned in Germany. The author concludes this excellent book with a short list of the fates of some who fought at Stalingrad, which echoes great poignancy.


The Battle of Stalingrad Through German Eyes


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Jonathan Trigg


Amberley Publishing, Gloucestershire





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