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The Normandy Battlefields; Bocage & Brwakout

The Normandy Battlefields; Bocage & Brwakout

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The landings on D-Day 6th June 1944, as incredible as they were, formed only part of the story of the Normandy Campaign.

For weeks, the Allies battled to increase their position in France, until finally they were strong enough to try breaking out and head southward into the interior of France. This well-researched book covers those operations from Cobra, Epsom and Goodwood, which are the best-known operations, and the later operations such as Bluecoat, Totalize and Tractable. From Cherbourg in the north to the Falaise Gap, the authors use wartime and modern photographs along with maps, to reveal the movement. The text is well presented and the result is a most useful guidebook to visiting the inland battles of the Normandy Campaign, some of which are often overlooked.

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