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The Rise of Hitler

The Rise of Hitler

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One would think that after so much analysis there was hardly anything left to say. This work covers the early years of his leadership, from Chancellor to Fuhrer of Germany. There are family photographs, Hitler as a young man, him as a soldier in WWI, and the post-war years as he entered politics. He portrayed himself as a man of the people and as he rose up the political ladder he attracted visits from influential people including former British Prime Minister David Lloyd George. Here we see Hitler the uncle and the would-be father figure, but it was all part of a clever plan. The illustrations show the transformation and by the end we see the dictator coming through as he poses with his ally, Benito Mussolini. As socio-political and military books go, this is a very nice reference work.

AUTHOR: Trevor Salisbury
PUBLISHER: Pen and Sword Books
ISBN: 1473822181
PRICE: £14.99

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