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To Besiege a City

To Besiege a City

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The siege of Leningrad, which lasted 872 days from 8th September 1941 until 27th January 1944, is a well-known episode of WWII and is one that has been covered so many times that there should be nothing left to say. This work approaches it by outlining the preparations made by the Germans and the Russian responses. The huge distances involved over which troops and all the supplies had to be moved are covered in this work on the first year of the siege. The author reveals a number of intriguing points, such as the Germans considering using poison gas against the city and the fact that they also had Spanish volunteers at the siege. Also, the Italian navy used patrol boats on Lake Lagoda. An incredible work of history and only the first phase of the operation. It remains to be seen if the author will deliver a follow-up to continue the history.

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  • Title: To Besiege a City
  • Author: Prit Buttar
  • Publisher: Osprey, Oxford
  • ISBN: 9781472856555
  • Price: £30.00