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Tommy Goes To War

Tommy Goes To War

There is a deep fascination with WWI, which is undiminished still after more than 100 years and the stories of the men who fought in the conflict are gripping, as revealed in this collection of memories from those who were there. The premise of this book is familiar; there are many similar titles with reminiscences of veterans, but it is the range of subjects on which the men expound that set this book apart. Contained in this volume are the memories of officers and men alike, who record their impressions on life in the trenches, the dread and fear of ‘going over the top’, as well as the humour. If it is heart-breaking to read these stories now, the reader should consider what the men’s families must have felt at the at the time on receiving letters from the Front.


Malcom Brown


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Greenhill Books, Barnsley, South Yorkshire





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