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Vyborg 1944

Vyborg 1944

The campaigns on the Eastern Front during WWII are becoming better known to readers in the west thanks to authors of works such as this title, which covers the last campaign fought between the armies of Russia and Hitler’s Finnish ally. It covers the period of 9th June to 13th July 1944 and is well documented with many first-hand accounts. The author explains how weapons and equipment worked and the difficulties in tactics. Each side had to contend with the terrain and conditions as well as facing the enemy, with fierce fighting at all levels. Whilst the German Luftwaffe was largely defeated in the west at this stage of the war, this book reminds us how effective it remained in the East. This book is well worth reading to understand Finland’s role in the war.


Vyborg 1944


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Bair Irincheev


Helion and Company, Oxford





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