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WWII through Soldiers Eyes

WWII through Soldiers Eyes

The format of a book containing an anthology of soldiers’ experiences from WWII is nothing new and such compilations have been published many times. With the millions of people involved in the war, there is no shortage of material. In fact, if anything, there is too much, which makes the author’s work difficult in choosing what to use. He does not want to use material that is familiar to the reader and he does not want anything which the reader will not find interesting. In this case, the author has selected a rather ordinary run of the mill cross-section of reminiscences on events with which most readers will already be familiar. It could be the author looked too hard for material and ended up with a work which does not hold any surprises or present anything which sheds new light on matters.


The Second World War Through Soldiers’ Eyes


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James Goulty


Pen & Sword Books Ltd, Barnsley, South Yorkshire





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