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Yorkshiremen at War

Yorkshiremen at War

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The theme of the Women’s Land Army in WWII has become a very popular subject with re-enactors and Home Front events would not be complete nowadays without at least one such display. The women who served in this organisation have gone largely unsung in the annals of history of WWII; indeed, it was not until 2015 that a memorial was erected to the WLA at the National Memorial Arboretum. But now, everyone has heard about them.

There have been books on the history of the WLA, but this work is different because it focuses on the work done by the women of Yorkshire who served in the ranks. It charts the hardships, the daily routine but, more importantly, the camaraderie shared by the ladies who came from all backgrounds and mixed ages. A charming book, full of insight and anecdotes, which will amuse and educate. This is social history on the Home Front.

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