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Ledray F900 Multi-LED

Ledray F900 Multi-LED

Digital night vision is all about boosting IR output and I, like most users, have tried to experiment to get the best results with both colours and for IR. I settled last winter on the LEDRay Tracer F900 with a 5W IR LED. The range has been on offer with various accessories, including different visible light colours, as well as IR and now a 70mm Aspherical lens unit as well. It was interesting to add this to test the 70mm lens against the 50mm unit, to see if it extends my night missions and is worth the extra bulk!

Quality of

The Tracer webpage is a little ‘busy’ at first, so make sure you are looking at the correct items and prices, including VAT. Quality of the machining and anodising of the LED range sets it apart from many similar looking alternatives with tolerances on threads and simpler instructions certainly raising the bar too. The main lens unit adjusts from flood to spot beam in less than one turn, rotating smoothly enough to avoid unnecessary force, so wont disturb the ‘aim’ of the beam. Tracer includes a superb polymer clamp that supports the torch in a spherical rose joint, allowing it to be quickly positioned and locked in place. No tiny Allen keys needed, just lock it onto some Picatinny rail with one 3mm Allen key and then everything else adjusts with a thumbscrew to tighten.

After focussing, the power of the beam is adjustable with a sliding magnetic button behind the lens body and a 45mm shade is supplied to prevent unwanted light spillage reflecting from your gun, rather than the desired target. Everything fits into a durable polymer briefcase, along with power supply for the charger, extra space for tools, lens covers and red, green and white LED units. They change in less than a minute, taking the lens body from the tube, letting them slide out into your palm and replacing with the next. Just be sure to align the small keyway on the LED unit with the internal of the lens and don’t drop the (large) spring in the dark.

Rat’s tail remote

Power turns ON/OFF at the rear push button, with a rat’s tail remote supplied to offer rapid control, fastened to your stock. The promised 800 metre beam and 3-hour runtime from a quality supplied 18650 battery appeared correct. I found the 70mm head gave a flatter light, extending range but seemed to rob a little brightness from the centre in ‘white light’ mode. With the IR, it gave a softer, even spread of IR illumination, to broaden the field of view from my Yukon and Pulsar riflescopes, so was a worthwhile upgrade, an alternate beam shape rather than just a ‘better’ beam. The 70mm head minimises colour fringing around the circumference of the beam too!


  • Model: LEDRay F900 Multi-LED
  • Price: (white, red and green) Kit,£199.99 70mm lens head (plus extra shade),£70.00 5W IR LED Module, £49.99
  • Contact: 01394 387762, www.tracerpower.com


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